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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

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Saturday morning is the time for dads to dominate. Don't get me wrong, dads. We need to be helping out with the kids, daily tasks, and such all the time, but Saturday mornings are our time to shine.

If your wife is like mine, she NEEDS sleep. Give it to her, and take the initiative.

The Food

My kids wake up hungry. And if there's nothing ready or at least a plan, call in the troops! Luckily, I've always (at least) got a plan.

Breakfast is my favorite meal to cook. We could eat breakfast for every meal at our house. My "easy" Saturday morning go-to's include biscuits and cinnamon rolls. Both of these can be found in the frozen section at your local Wal-Mart. I've found that these taste like I've spent the time to make them from scratch. Most Saturday mornings, there's no time for scratch made pastries.

But! When there is time, pancakes are my jam. My favorite pancakes are the buttermilk variety. The recipe that you can find here is extremely easy to follow and easy to make. If you're like me, you'll tweak it to make it your own. For example, I add 1 tbs. more of sugar and butter because at our house, we've adopted a great saying, "Mo' butter. Mo' better".

The Entertainment

Now look, this section isn't meant to take the place of good 'ol quality dad time. These are just some useful "tools" in my tool belt. At our house, we've officially cut the cords. For us, the main reason was to save money. Since the release of Disney+ our world has changed for the better. Not only does it allow my wife and I to take a trip down "memory lane", but it gives us access to all those movies we wanted to buy and those shows that were (sometimes) hard to find. If for some reason you and your family are living under a rock, you can share in the Disney joy by going here.

Don't worry (because I know you are), our kids aren't screen zombies. Often times, our one-year-old and five-year-old don't really sit still. Our daughter is constantly on the move until she gets laid down in her crib. But, she'll be still for this and it's add-ons! Not much will get her to sit still, so kudos to Little People for using whatever voodoo magic they used to get this accomplished. For my oldest, he's (currently) into a lot of things. His featured Saturday morning toy list includes this Spider-Man Lego set, wooden trains (you can find some of his favorites here), and a Marble Run set that's similar to this one.

Saturday mornings have become some of my favorite times with my kids. Dad, take charge, let your wife sleep in, and be ready to start some new traditions and make an even bigger impact in the lives of your kids.

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